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Passport photo of Filipino maid: Juliet Canon @ Yet Passport photo of Filipino maid: Juliet Canon @ Yet
Maid Name:
Juliet Canon @ Yet
Ref Code:
Transfer maid
Filipino Transfer maid
Filipino maid
Date Of Birth:
09-Apr-1984 (Age: 35 yrs)
Place Of Birth:
Southern Leyte, Phil
150 (cm)
45 (kg)
Children's Ages:
High School (10~12 yrs)
English & Tagalog
Current Location:
Special Pass
Present Salary:
Expected Salary:

Maid's Experience

General Housekeeping 7.1 year(s)
Care for Young Children
3.5 year(s)
Care for Infant
4.6 year(s)
Care for Elderly/Disabled 3.6 year(s)

Work Experience

Home Country
7.1 year(s)
Hong Kong
Middle East
Other Countries year(s)

Other Information

Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do simple sewing?
Able to do gardening work?
Willing to wash car?
Number of off-days per month: Sundays (day/month)

Work Proficiency

  Very Good Good Can Leam Comments
General Housekeeping
She has more than 7 yrs experienced in Singapore. Knows how to handle all household chores. Says her empls says that her cleaning is "nice & good" & thanks her for it.
Care For Young Children
Juliet has good experience in S'pore having handled kids aged 7, 9, 8 &10 yr olds with different Empls. She says that her empls trust her with kids because she can look after them well.
Care for Infant
She took care of her own child since birth in the Philippines. She understands and knows how to take care of newborn based on her own experience in feeding milk, bathing & changing diapers etc.
She started cooking at a young age of 10 yrs in her hometown. Says she cooks Filipino dishes very well. She learnt to cook Chinese & Western dishes in S'pore. Can follow recipies too. She says her empls say her cooking is good and they like it.
Care For Elderly/Disabled Juliet has had 2 yrs experience in elder care here with her 3rd empl. She looked after a 91 yr old Grandma & managed the showers & changing clothes, giving medicine & bringing grandma out for walks & exercise etc.

Employment Record

Employer's Nationality House Type
Main Duties
Reason For Leaving
Apr 2011 Apr 2013 Chinese Singaporean Condo Took care of 2 kids aged 8 & 10 yrs old, Housekeeping & Cooking. Finished 2 yrs contract.
Aug 2013 Jun 2015 Chinese Singaporean Condo Took care of Grandma aged 91 yrs old, Housekeeping, Marketing, Gardening & Car wash. Finished 2 yrs contract.
Nov 2016 Nov 2017 Chinese Condo Took care of 2 kids aged 7 & 9 yrs, Housekeeping, Cooking & Car wash. Worked 1 year only. She had to work in 2 houses - empls house & empls mother's house too. (She felt it was illegal & plus she could not manage as well).
Jan 2018 July 2019 Chinese Singaporean Condo Look after the granny aged 70 yrs old and her mam (daughter) aged 40 yrs old, Housekeeping & Cooking. 1 year & 6 months. Her mam hit her on the head twice. Ended up bleeding, police & MOM case etc.

Maid Introduction

Juliet or "Yet" as she is known as, has a total of 7 yrs experience here in S'pore. Though she can manage all depts well, she is very confident of her Housekeeping, Childcare & Elderly Care skills gained from the 8 employers she has had so far in Spore. It was not all plain sailing for her as she only managed to complete 2 empls contracts. The others were abrupt with valid reasons ranging from - "2 maid situation, had to work in 2 houses, agent put her under their own name to bring her into Spore, empl cannot speak English & this last empl who (perhaps had anger-management issues) - hit her on the head twice with a full water bottle. Ended up bleeding, police & MOM case etc." She is now on Special Pass and has been allowed by the authorities to look for another employer here. She comes across as mild-mannered, pleasant & easy to talk to. Now that her case is over, Juliet is avail ASAP & is seeking $650 with Sundays off.

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